Bullseye Outfitting, one of Montana's leading hunting outfitters.  Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Bear hunting in Northwest Montana.

One of Montana's leading
hunting outfitters


BEN MUMMERT of Bullseye Outfitting

invites you to Montana's finest
Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, and Turkey Hunting.

Bullseye Outfitting has satisfied clients around the globe!  Our Montana hunting packages include Bear and Elk/Deer hunts (both archery & rifle.)
Please contact us with any questions about our Montana guided hunts.


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Ben Mummert
15 Three Corner Road South
Trout Creek, Montana 59874


Ben Mummert

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This is a list of equipment you should consider bringing on your next bow hunt with us. Each individual has their own preferences on many items and types of items, so use your own judgment. We base the list on our past experiences, and provide it to you so that you can experience the most enjoyable hunt.

If you have any questions about our list, feel free to give us a call. The most common mistake in gear is boots that cause blisters. Comfort is very important, as well as understanding that you will not just be walking on flat ground. Conditions in Montana can vary by quite a bit within a season, so you can never be too prepared.

If you are hunting with us during bow season use the list below.  If you plan to hunt during rifle season Click here. A lot of items are repeated; the differences are based on weapon used as well as the weather.

1.    One light-weight pair of boots.
2.    Plenty of socks of variable weight.
3.    Camp pants and shirts, we wear chamois and polar
4.    Light jacket, polar fleece or wool.
5.    Poly-pro underwear.
6.    Face paint; we don't want face nets, they cause too
       much movement to get ready.
7.    Hat of your preference.
8.    Cow elk call (sceery ace-1).
9.    Day pack or fanny pack. Should be able to hold a water
       bottle, lunch, camera, etc.
10. Knife, compass, camera, *moleskin for blisters.
11. Bow quiver attached to the bow. Safety belt for
       tree stand.
12. Light rain gear.
13. Bring plenty of camo shirts for warm days.
14. Belt style bow holder.
15. Flashlight.


For more information on our Montana guided hunts, please call Ben Mummert at 406-827-4149.
Or, you may email us at

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