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bullseye archery hunting report 20


Scott Hartenstine from Russell PA setup his hunt, along with his hunting buddy Dave, two years ago. However, Scott was diagnosed with cancer before the hunt that fall. It took Scott an extra year (and a battle with cancer that he has won) before he could make the trip out.

Scott worked hard to get his body back in shape to be able to have the type of hunt he was expecting. Scott and Dave hunted a couple of days hearing some bulls in the
distance but none of the bulls wanted to play. so we headed up to one of our spike camps to see if there were any bulls up there to go after.

The first evening we spotted some bulls, so the plan was to be in that area come daylight. It took a little hiking but shortly after daylight we were in the area where we had seen the elk the night before. It wasnít long before we saw a bull above us it was looking for us as we had been calling trying to locate them.

This bull came right down to us with in 30 yards. Dave was at full draw, however the bull did not present a good shot. The bull
knew something was up and vacated. As the bull walked away we could hear a bull bugle from the direction that this first bull had come from, so we headed that way. We could hear more bugling as we got closer.

Eventually Scott and Dave were set up on a little ridge with a bull right below them. It didnít take long and Scott could see the bull working its way up to him. As the bull worked its way up around a little rock Scott was ready to make the shot. At 10yds the bull was broad side and Scott let the bull have it. It was a perfect shot and we watched the bull go down. Scott was one happy hunter and he got a really nice bull. It is an exciting hunt to
kill a bull with a bow and Iím sure Scott and Dave wonít forget this day.


Scott Vasey showed up With expectations to get in tosome good bugling bull action, and maybe get a bull with his bow. Scott's brother Jake was his hunting partner, and their guide Bob would be doing the calling and guiding.

It took a couple of days of hunting in and around bulls that were bugling and rutting before Scott had a bull standing 20 yards from him. That morning they had hiked out a ridge trail calling, and listening for a bull to answer the challenge. With a spectacular view of the cabinet mountains wilderness in the back ground they spotted three bulls
down in a canyon that had some nice meadows for very good set up spots.

Bob put together a plan to drop down off the ridge and set up on the edge of one of the meadows, and call the bulls over to them. It only took a few calls and they could tell the bulls were working their way towards them. Within a matter of minutes the bulls were in the same meadow coming right in to position for a shot. Scott and Jake were at full draw when the bulls stopped at 20 yards for a good broad side shot. Scott mentioned
later that he was shaking quite badly from the excitement, but he figured he could get it done.

The arrow flew straight and when the arrow hit the bulls bolted out of the meadow. They give it about an hour before they started to follow the blood trail. The bull did not go to far before it expired and the guys found the bull. There was a lot of adrenalin
flowing and the guys were all very happy. Scott had his first bull with a bow and his brother Jake was right there with an opportunity also.

Jake hunted the rest of the week getting to experience a lot bugling action, but didn't quite get a bull in the right position for a shot. Hunting bugling bulls here is very exciting and these guys got the hole experience.

any time soon.

Steve Wood, PA

Steve Wood, PA

Castle Rock View 

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