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bullseye RIFLE hunting report 20


We also had a few hunters during the rifle season for elk and deer. We had a great time and sent some nice animals home with the guys. The polar vortex that settled over us for a couple of weeks did throw a little kink into things as we got the cold but not the snow. And the animals were quite elusive.

A good time was had by the guys that came and we look forward to seeing them again. Once again we have good references from this year.

We have a very good game population here and the opportunity to take home a good trophy are here to be had. Some of you may be wondering about how you get a license and the chances. The license is a draw license. However, it has been a 100% draw for 4 years now. So if you are interested in hunting here, as long as your have you license application in by March 15th, the odds are pretty much 100% of getting a license. It is not an issue.

Also we are going into a very mild winter and not much snow. The animals are in good shape and there is not much weather in sight. If you are interested in a good combo
hunt give us a call or email us, we can definitely show you a good time.


Steve Wood, PA at spike camp


Here's a brief rundown on how we run our hunts:

Arriving at our place the day before your hunt starts allows you time to settle in and get your gear organized. Breakfast will be ready at 5 AM the next morning with lunches made and spirits high. Two hunters will head out with one guide. A drive of 30-45 minutes will usually get us to our hunting destination well before sunrise. This may be a trailhead with a hiking trail that will penetrate into good elk and deer country, or it may be that we hike out a gated logging road which may lead us to an old clear cut that would be a good feeding area for game. Depending on the desires and abilities of the hunter, we may continue over the ridge to see what is on the other side, or it may be decided to let patience pay off and have the game come to you.

Along with hunting elk, hunters have the opportunity of running into a nice buck. The elk and deer inhabit the same area, so it
makes for a good hunting situation. We have both mule deer and whitetail deer. Normally the whitetail deer are on the bottom half of the mountain, while the mule deer are on the top half.

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Hunting big muley bucks here in the Lolo National Forest is one of the best kept secrets going these days. With low hunting pressure and big country, odds of getting a big heavy-horned buck are in your favor. Hunting the high country during the rut is an experience a hunter won't soon forget. With country being open to semi-open with what we call "brush fields", a person spends a good deal of time glassing for deer. Once an area with a good number of does is located, it is only a matter of time before a buck is spotted. Upon spotting the buck, the stalk begins in order to get within shooting distance.

Hunters will want to have a good shooting gun. Although the average shot is made within the 125 yard range, some shots are made from as far as 250-300 yards.

For those looking for the big whitetail buck of a lifetime, the last two weeks of November become the rutting grounds for mature whitetail bucks. As we all know, when bucks are rutting, they move a lot more, are in turn more likely to be seen by a hunter. This makes for some of the best big buck hunting a person can find. We have a good population of whitetail bucks in the 2-5 year old range, which tend to produce big quality racks.


We will leave each morning well before daylight. We'll be headed for certain areas that may just produce that buck of a lifetime! Walking old logging roads or glassing clear cuts in areas with good deer populations are a few of our hunting methods. Rattling and grunt calls are also techniques that we will use during your hunts.

Most days hunters will be hunting different areas, depending upon weather and the amount of sign we've seen in certain areas on recent hunts. You can be sure we've scouted the high traffic game areas and have a plan for your hunt. You can count on us to give you 110% effort to make sure your hunt is successful.

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For more information on our Montana guided hunts, please call Ben Mummert at 406-827-4149.
Or, you may email us at

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