Bullseye Outfitting, one of Montana's leading hunting outfitters.  Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, and Bear hunting in Northwest Montana.

One of Montana's leading
hunting outfitters


BEN MUMMERT of Bullseye Outfitting

invites you to Montana's finest
Elk, Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Bear, and Turkey Hunting.

Bullseye Outfitting has satisfied clients around the globe!  Our Montana hunting packages include Bear and Elk/Deer hunts (both archery & rifle.)
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Ben Mummert
15 Three Corner Road South
Trout Creek, Montana 59874


Ben Mummert

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Rifle Elk/Deer Hunts
January, 2018

Mike Hearth - Cadillac, MI

John Rankin - Rapid City, SD

Jim Helmic - Pittsburg, PA


Winter has settled in here in Trout Creek. We now have 17" of snow here 
at the place with mild weather conditions.

We had a lot of snow early during hunting season this year up in the camps. It was definitely an adventure. Hard to believe but 90% of it had melted by the 1st week of December clean to the top.

We had a good rifle season taking some nice animals. Included are some 
pictures of the successful hunters and their trophies. We had a great group of hunters and really had a good time.

We will be headed for the sport shows real soon. We will be doing the same ones as last year. For those of you who are thinking of putting together a hunt, we are booking for this year and next year. We have the same crew working as guides so should have a very successful season.

The game numbers are remaining strong. We have not had any diseases go 
through and wipe anything out which can be very devastating to game population.

As far as the license's , last year the Big Game Combo license did sell out on the March 15th deadline. It did not sell out by much, but it did oversell.

The Elk license did not sell out so everyone that applied for one was successful. So if a person wants to put a hunt together for this fall, they are most likely to get a license.

We are still taking just a limited number of hunters per week to ensure a good, honest, quality hunt. Hope to see some of you at the show.

Ben and Renna


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Michael Grail - Grand Rapids, MI


Michael Grail - Grand Rapids, MI


Steve Wood - Dillsburg, PA

Steve Wood - Dillsburg, PA

Mike Hearth - Cadillac, MI

Mile and Bob Hearth



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