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October 2017

Tucker Rigner - Gobles, Michigan
October, 2017

Trevor Rigner - Gobles, Michigan
October, 2017

James Dvorak and father Bob Dvorak
Billings, Montana
October, 2017

Bullseye Outfitting Newsletter

Hello from Bullseye Outfitting.

I'm sure that a lot of you are wondering about the wild fires that have been burning here in Montana. The big fires that have been burning since July are east of us about 120 miles, so they have not effected us at all.

The Wednesday before archery season started , a lightning storm went through here and started some fires. These fires burned about 12,000 acres which is a very small amount of land in comparison to what we are able to hunt.

The fires will actually benefit the elk herds in the area and us as hunters also. The vegetation that regrows in these burns is the best feed that elk can find. also it opens up the country and makes it easier to spot game.

The fires did effect us some for archery season as it was very hot and smoky for the first couple of weeks. However it 
didn't keep us from getting some nice bulls and we had a very successful 
archery season.

Throughout the season we called in some really nice bulls. the guys that came really did a good job of shooting, and all of the bulls that were shot went down with in sight or we heard them crash when they fell. As always, there is a lot of effort that goes into bugle hunting, but it is real rewarding when the action is hot and also very exciting. 

Tucker Rigney had the closest encounter. He had a cow elk walk up to him and lick the quiver on his bow. He said he thought she was going to step 
on his foot. She was in heat and went back up to the herd, a few minutes 
later she came back down to the call and a bull followed her. They ran by Tucker on the same trail he was standing in and about knocked him over. Tucker kept his composure and made a great shot when the bull stopped at 11 yards. It was an unbelievable morning of hunting.

Overall the bull numbers are very good here and on the increase, so we are expecting really good hunting here in rifle season which will start here in a week or so. And remember, we take a limited number of hunters to insure a 
quality experience while you are here.

If you are looking for a big game hunt, give us a call, and we would be more than happy to talk to you about what we have to offer and how we conduct our hunts.

Enjoy the pictures of the guys and their bulls. They definitely earned them.

Good Hunting!

Ben and Renna


P.S. You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook. 


Owen Sandbulte - Rock Valley, Iowa
October, 2017



Kent Klemme - Ankeny, Iowa
October, 2017

John Collier

Jim Murray

Tom Hartland

Bill Hartland

Charlie Brant

Delwayne Wright

Luke Gunselman

Geno Juart and Charlie Brant

Hunting vista

Bill and Tom Hartland at camp

Renna Mummert being watched

Also watching

Ben Mummert

Ricky Vande Zarde and Steve Hopp

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