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December 11, 2016


Terry Dyer


Tom and Bill Hartland


Christopher Storer


Ed Braga


Bullseye Outfitting Newsletter

Hello to all. It has been a while since we have touched base with you.  To start with, we would like to say THANK YOU to the hunters we had this year.  We had some really good people that are a pleasure to guide and just to be around in general.

We had a really great season this year sending some really nice trophy animals home with the clients.  We have been having pretty mild winters so the game population is doing really well, we have the best guides we could ask for, and the hunters did their part by getting in shape and practicing with their bows or rifles. 
This combination  makes for a successful hunting season all around.

During our Archery season back in September we had a lot of action and there were a good number of bulls bugling. That's one of the things here during the archery season that makes it so successful is that the bulls are consistently bugling and they do come in close.  We had a bull within 40 yards of everyone that hunted with us with the exception of 1 hunter.  The odds are in your favor for an opportunity at close range for a nice bull.  Pretty exciting when a hunter is telling their story and they say they could feel the bull bugling. That's pretty darn close!  The dark timber hunting we have here really helps during the rut. It gives the hunter some really close encounters.

Our rifle season combo hunts were equally successful with a large percentage of the hunters taking a trophy animal home.  The mule deer hunting was very good this year.   We saw a lot of heavy horned bucks and the hunters took home some really good trophy muley bucks. The guys also took home some really nice whitetails.  There are some  nice trophy whitetails around. The population is really increasing and with the big country that we have here, we have a lot of big bucks.  The rut is in full swing the last 2 weeks of season so if you're wanting a chance at a great whitetail that would be the time to plan your hunt. Lots of action.

As of right now we have 1 inch of snow on the ground so winter has been pretty mellow up to this time so it appears that the game with have another mild winter to go through. Good news for the animals and us as well. 

Our hunting license status will stay the same so the big game license draw should be 100% successful. This draw has been underselling by thousands. We don't anticipate any big changes there.  If you are interested in hunting in the fall of 2017 you can put a hunt together and get the license.

We will be traveling back East to do a few sports shows this winter. Stop by the booth if you can if we are in your area.  If you have any questions feel free to give us a call or email us and we can talk hunting.

You can also stay in touch with us on Facebook. 

Ben and Renna


John Collier

Jim Murray

Tom Hartland

Bill Hartland

Charlie Brant

Delwayne Wright

Luke Gunselman

Geno Juart and Charlie Brant

Hunting vista

Bill and Tom Hartland at camp

Renna Mummert being watched

Also watching

Ben Mummert

Ricky Vande Zarde and Steve Hopp

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